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Revitalize The Look of Your Tile Floor

Country Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to restoring the beauty of your tile floors.

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Sparkling Clean

Everyone loves the look of new tile and grout floors. However, over time the new look you once loved becomes dirty and faded. Even with regular cleaning, dirt, grease, and other substances accumulate in the tile and grout. Due to the microscopic pores in grout, dirt becomes embedded below its surface; it can’t be removed by mopping alone. Depend on our qualified tile cleaning experts to remove even the most stubborn substances from your floors. Using our professional skills, we lengthen the life of your tile floors and leave them immaculately clean.

The Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Country Carpet Cleaning has professional equipment designed to clean deep down into the tile and grout. Our cleaning method removes dirt and grime, rather than spreading it around. First, an alkaline cleaner is applied to loosen and emulsify soils and stains that are often found on tile and grout. Next, a deep scrubbing process begins over the entire floor, with special attention paid to grout lines and soiled areas. Using our van-mounted cleaning system, we pressure wash the surface while simultaneously extracting the soiled solution. This leaves your floor both clean and dry.

Once the floor has been expertly cleaned and dried, one of our trained technicians applies a premium grout and stone sealer. This protects against water- and oil-based stains and soils, minimizing the chances of future stains. The durability of your grout is enhanced by our high-quality sealer, ensuring that your floors look great well into the future.